10 days ago I got diagnosed with shingles. Symptoms started with a headache 2 days earlier, swelling and a red rash 24 hours later. Fortunately I started with the anti-viral meds within the 72 hour window for them to have some efficacy and I am on the mend.

I did not get a rash on my body, but rather the right side of my face and head. Fortunately, my eye was unaffected. I treated the rash and wounds with tea trea oil and Polysporin and there will not be any scars. The unremitting headaches have eased off for the most part but are not completely resolved. I'm not on any meds for pain. Cold packs bring near immediate relief. My scalp on the right side has the 'feels like a sunburn' sensation. (I cancelled my holiday aesthetics appointment and hair cut, since I don't think I could tolerate brow waxing or having a comb run through my hair!).

It is 12 days since the first symptoms and my main complaints are pain/discomfort where the rash was most in evidence, the occaisional headache, and fatigue. I have no endurance, and sleep a lot. Fortunately I am on a prolonged holiday vacation and don't go back to work until Jan. 8th.

I don't know anyone who has had shingles. Are there any fabbers with experience? How long did it take to recover? Anything speed your recovery?

For those who are 50 or older - get immunized! There is a shot that lowers the risk of having an outbreak.

(Edit: I did locate a thread from 3-4 years ago when ClearlyClaire had a go 'round with the virus on her torso.)