I’m trying to pay more attention to what I’m “not feeling” these days, and adjust accordingly. I’m often too prone to just keep stuff in my closet that I’m not feeling, which contributes to feeling overwhelmed and like my wardrobe is overstuffed.

Case in point:

- I haven’t been feeling rose gold for the past year, which I loved for a while! Maybe I will love it again, but I’ve already put my rose gold tote in the donate pile, as well as a worn pair of sandals. And I have a pair of rose gold sneakers I bought to replace a very worn out pair…only to barely use them! Wondering if I should just bite the bullet and sell or donate them too. Seems I have shifted to silver and cooler tone metallics almost exclusively.

- How many V neck tees can one person own? I stocked up on an old favorite Madewell tee last year and I just have so darn many tees now. The chest pocket makes them feel really casual (which is fine) but somehow I’m just kind of tired of them. Some are not even my best colors. Maybe it’s time to thin the collection! I defer to my black and white tees and jersey tops more than these other muted colors.

I think all of this has come to mind as my husband is totally revamping his closet. I even had to remind him that he should give some of the winter stuff a few months to see if some things are still useful. He was ready to give away a leather jacket until I urged him to try it on, and he remembered that it fits really well and he likes it! He’s so quick to move on, and I’m just the opposite.

How about you? Are you able to pinpoint when you are well and truly over something? Are you able to anticipate what it means for a shift?