In keeping with the two-piece coordinated item outfit trend, here is a fun example.

I've been a musician since I was 9 years old, and learned to read music quite early. I've been wanting a clothing item in a "sheet music" motif for a while but have been very picky - it had to be fairly close to accurate and in treble clef. Earlier in spring I bought this t-shirt from Anthro. It has not been warm enough this spring to wear a Tee alone until this past week and I haven't worn it yet.

I was just browsing Anthro and found pants to match! A full outfit like this would make me feel very silly, not to mention garnering smirks and wise cracks from everyone I know :-), so not for me, but maybe someone else. Even if you are not into music it's a nice B/W graphic pattern.

Sadly it looks like the tee is sold out in this pattern but there are other prints. ...;searchpar


p.s. also bought the grey scarf earlier this year.