I recently purchased this shoe from BR (was able to get a sale price). I wanted to share because they have been surprisingly comfortable and worked with more items in my wardrobe that I initially thought. I was looking for a block heel, closed toe, sling back style in a neutral color for work. I was hesitant about the black toe cap, but like I said its versatility surprised me.

I particularly like the buckle strap so that I could adjust it to fit snugly on my narrow heel. No flip or flopping here, yea. I do a fair amount of walking during the work day; park far away, climb up 3 flights of stairs 1 to 2 times a day, and up and down the hallways). They have been very comfortable on my feet and arches (I need arch support, hence flats don't work for me). I don't do "Angie" walking, but so far I have been impressed with them and wanted to share.