Mine are from 1" to nearly 2" now for me is important stability first and second I am petite so I have never wear very high heels no to look ridiculous.

I'm late chiming in as usual, but my favorite heel height is...... flat! They're very comfortable for me plus I don't need/want any added extra height.

These days, it depends more on ease of getting them on and off. So the other day, these
won out over these

And in general, so much really depends on the shoe.
I've had 4" stacked-heel (really stacked leather, not hollow) boots which were all-day comfortable for walking around on concrete floors as long as I was keeping up with my ab work. And I've had 2" pumps that made me miserable by lunch-time, mostly sitting at a desk.

I have low-volume, narrow feet, long toes, no padding, and prefer flats up to 1.5-inch heels. I can wear 2-inch heels but this means the balls of my feet will hurt by afternoon. Cushioning helps.

I purchased these AGL boots with a 2.5 inch heel during the NAS and after one day wearing them out and about I am not sure I can keep them. They just hurt too much!

It looks like 2 1/4" is my sweet spot for heels. The first two booties and tall boots below are ones that I can wear all day, to include for a lot of walking. I'm wearing my flats a lot lately, too, and am loving them as well!

I prefer 1/2 - 1 1/2 inches these days as well. I have gotten rid of most of my heels, but have kept a couple "sitting shoes" about 3 inches. I want to be able to wear them, but may not be able to. And I have a couple wedge sandals about 2 inches that are my go to for being comfortable enough for occasional usage.

Another 1/2" to 1 1/2" heel preference here. I have flat, bony, low-volume feet, narrow at the heel & instep, medium across the toes, no padding on the soles, arthritis in one big toe joint, plantar fascitis in the other heel--ugh! These days I'm always on the lookout for shoes & boots with a bit of platform, so I can get more height without adding too much heel. And if those thicker soles are made of rubber or other shock-absorbing material, so much the better. Around the house I'm wearing mostly my extra-cushiony mesh sneakers until the heel problem goes away. (It always does, eventually.) I do have a pair of 3" heeled Adrienne Vittadini red suede t-straps that are magically comfortable, like your Okalas, Angie. I don't know why they feel so good--apparently heel placement and angle are as important as height sometimes.

I'm there.
I can wear comfy boots with block heels 1.5" but I always come crack to the realization that I feel best ( walking, long days) in just the minimum heel. Not naked flats but 1/4-1/2". Sometime 1".
The wider the toe box and comfy padding, the more I can do the 1.5" so that's why some ankle boots work, due to stabilizing , being able to wear socks.

I used to be more comfortable in higher heels (3" and higher). I have very high arches, and the higher heels just hit the sweet spot of arch support for me; I wore super-high heels for so long the tendons in my ankle shortened or something and flats hurt my ankles and calves. My lifestyle these days make heels very impractical, so ive slowly had to keep walking through the pain and stretch those muscles and tendons back out. I still like a heel of some sort because arch support, but it just isn't practical. I've had to really experiment to find flat and low-level shoes that have arch support with little to no heel (2" block heel or less). It's been challenging finding things that are cool and yet practical and comfortable, but I'm finally making progress. My Chippewa boots (maybe an inch of heel) are probably the most comfortable "practical" footwear in my closet; my YSL shoe/boots with a 2.5" heel are my most comfortable "not-practical" shoes.

My feet don't think of <1.5" heels as "heels," but I find flats most comfortable so that must be a good thing! For dressy shoes though, I prefer the look of a 2"-3" heel. My typical limit is 2.75" excluding platform, but I have one pair of true 3" heels that are surprisingly comfortable for mostly-sitting days (e.g. commuting to work by car, walking to/from lunch at work if not too far) and manageable for special events. I just bought another pair of chunky 3" heels for this year's holiday party--because my dress requires it--and they're comfy in the store but only a true wear test will tell.

I have low-volume feet with average width and padding, narrow heels. But they're very small--I frequently wear a US size 5 or Euro 35--so a 3" incline feels steeper than on someone with more surface area to spare.

I can wear my 3" Paul Greens all day with no problem, but not my 3" Blondo boots. I guess it's the pitch of the shoe. I usually don't go over 2 1/2" unless the footwear is fabulous enough to make me willing to suffer for fashion. Can't wear spiked heels of any height, they make me too wobbly!

For me, my most comfortable heel height is probably about 1.5". I have hardly anything that heel height, though. I have either flats which have either no heel or maybe a 0.25" heel, and I have heels that start at about 2.75". For heels, 2.75" is probably my sweet spot.

I am another one in the 1-2.5" camp. Completely flat shoes are painful, and higher heels are uncomfortable. I can go higher with wedges (2.5-3" there), but even that has become rarer.