Another in the up to 2" camp. As with your "forgettable" outfit, I like my shoes to be so comfortable that I forget I'm wearing them. No hobbling around on teetering heels for me.

Definitely up to 2 ".

Mine is like yours, Angie, 1/2-1.5inches. I stick to the lower range in winter when I need stability on snow and ice.

1"-2" for me. A little bit of heel actually helps my bad knees, whereas flat shoes kill my knees and feet. It seems I also need great arch support. I can wear up to 2 1/2", but anything higher hurts when I walk.

My preference is about 1.5-2". 3" is okay for sitting shoes as you call them. I won't go past 4" ever because I'm already 5'8" naturally. I used to like higher heels when I was a teenager but now that I'm in my mid-20's I'm pickier about shoes being comfortable, so I tend to like a lower heel if I'm wearing one at all.

With a 2.5" heel, I don't think I need as much padding as I do with a completely flat ballet flat. So i like a bit of a heel.

Under 3" won't hurt my feet, but the walking gait is compromised. Not a big deal for non-walking days.

I know that 4" heels really hurt my arches after a few hours of standing, even if the toe box and other elements are ok.

Whatever my Birkenstocks are

Seriously - Angie I think probably the same as you. Although there was a time when I was only comfortable in very high heels and wore stilettos well into the sixth month of my first pregnancy at least!

My favourites are 1.5 to 2.5 inches with a block heel. I will wear a well-designed kitten heel (the Okalas) but it's not as practical given the sidewalks where I live, so it tends to be relegated to dressy occasions.

I can go up to 3 inches and even walk quite a lot, assuming the last is the right pitch and heel is stable enough. I *never* go over 3 inches. Super uncomfortable for me.

I can also go down to a sneaker *if* and only if I change up the insole for something with more arch support like Superfeet. That's what I did with my Eccos and I love them.

I regularly wear a 3/4 inch lug sole boot as well but I need extra heel protection for my plantar fasciitis with those.

In some ways I think it is difficult to generalize about heel height because other features of the shoe may make it more or less workable. Not just the shape of the last, the padding in the insole and the pitch, but also support at the top of the foot. Booties, lace ups, boots, and sandals tend to work better for me than low vamp shoes because I don't have to work so hard to keep them on my feet.

Some current and recent winners below:

Narrow ankles, wide toes (almost straight across), my only all day shoes are flat or almost flat sandals, flat sneakers, and almost flat Munro shoes that zip (comfort style). My heels are block, but not everyday, or forget that they are on shoes. I am awkward going up and down steps in them, and the pads of my feet hurt if I wear them too long. Thinking of adding padding to the booties. But I can wear the booties longer than the heeled sandals, which are mostly for sitting.

I have med vol low arch feet. I wear between 0 and 2, and very rarely go up to a 3. I wear a heel insert with almost all my shoes because I have narrow heels.
The Flys and Sorels are both 1.5. The Ash are flat. The heel insert adds .5 to each.

Flat is best, but in a pinch can do a bit more, as long as there isn't any serious walking going on.

Even then, though, the heel must be very broad -- no narrow, teetery heels for me. I have more foot problems than I can count, some health issues that affect balance, gait, and stability, plus I like the safety factor of knowing that I could get away from danger quickly if I had to.

My favorites are flats and about a 1 to 1.5 inch heel. I will wear 2" heels, but not much higher than that. Narrow width shoes fit me best, and with a narrow shoe, I can tolerate a higher heel height.

Hooray, someone else finally mentioned the safety factor--my sentiments exactly!

I haven't found my ideal height because all heights seem to be profoundly uncomfortable. I'm not sure if it's because of the particular models of the shoes, or because my feet are just too flat and oddly shaped for elevated footwear. I'd love to know what heel height would be ideal, even though I'm sure the answer is "flat" from the perspective of physical therapists.

I'll take any recommendations for heels with a deep heel cup, though.

Can I vote for my havaiana flip flops?

If not, I would say anything 2.5" and below is my sweet spot. I can handle 3" for fancy events, but really nothing higher than that and no spikey heels!

From about 1 inch to 2. Those I have some out of those boundaries that seem to work for various reasons like those mentioned above.

But I don't have any shoes apart from running shoes that will work for walking any reasonable distance (more than 1/2 mile of so). I can cope with a bit longer distance for a shopping trip with lots of stops

I almost always wear flats, or boots with very low heels. Less than an inch. But I have a few pairs with 1.5 - 2.5" heels that I feel like I could wear forever. Frye harness boots, Converse wedges, and my new suede Jeffrey Campbell block heels. The common factor turns out to be arch support. If the shank is angled correctly, my weight rests on the heel and the curve of the sole lines up with my arch. If not, my weight goes onto the ball of my foot, which exacerbates an old dance injury. 'Course, I still can't tell if it'll work from a quick walk around the store...

My feet are probably like Diana's only older and worse with the beginnings of PF. I was going to say the same heights as you, but since I've been advised to wear heel lifts I will revise upward to .75" to 1.75". My low volume feet slide forward with anything higher. My best height is probably whatever Dansko Pros measure once the platform is subtracted.

I'm all about flats these days. Can't even walk to lunch in heels. But I'll do 4" for a party and 2" for moseying through buildings with long sit downs in between

1.5" to 1.75" works best for me. My "dress up" shoes are Born and Lucky booties.

I can comfortably wear a 2-1/2" heel, but not much higher unless it is a chunky shoe or boot with block heels and a thick sole on the front (which serves to lower the heel height by acting as a platform of sorts). I do not like actual platform shoes. I can also comfortably wear completely flat shoes. I have high volume, widish feet that have become fussier over time. I used to have the patience to break in a pair of shoes that I loved, but it seems that now the love dies before I have time to break them in!

I am with you Angie. My tolerance for even a small heel has decreased and I am really happiest with flats or almost flats. I have realized that cushioning the ball of my feet is necessary for anything higher.

Another point of view concerning wearing flats. Does anyone know if, with age, wearing flat shoes puts more tension on the Achillies tendon? Our realtor had her tendon snap while showing a house. She said the that the doctor told her she should have been wearing heels some of the time. She had switched to flats after years of wearing heels, thinking that she was doing a good thing.

That's interesting, Joy. I will say when I say flat shoes, I don't mean ballet flats - totally flat and practically sole-less. I also find those uncomfortable.

Same as you, Angie, 1/2-1.5inches works and feels best.

1/2 - 1 inch. I'm not even sure about the 1 inch.

I'm in the 1/2 - 1.5 inch boat. And, with low volume feet (but not truly narrow) I often end up adding a good insert to a shoe or boot. I've had to spend more money on shoes over recent years to get something that meets my standard of style and comfort. I will not compromise on comfort! Oh, and I don't like that heel heights seem to have bumped up a bit this season -- ick!

I usually wear 3" heels (substantial, not stilettos) on days when there is more sitting than walking - office, lunch with friends, etc. But when there is a lot of walking involved, as with sightseeing or all-day shopping, I prefer a lower heel. Dansko and Abeo mary janes work really well for me - not much of a heel, but not completely flat either, and the soles are cushiony.

It very much depends on what I need them for and on the comfort of the shoe itself. A purely flat shoe is a definite no, I need at least a 1/2" heel.
It's hard to say about an exact height.
Overall, a 2-2.5" heel is mostly comfortable but it depends on the shape of the heels and on the comfort of the footbed. I have some kitten heel pumps, maybe 1.5" and when I go up the stairs wearing them I always trip.
That would not happen with a block heel. A thicker heel makes height more comfortable as long as the shoe is not super heavy. Even for flat (or pretty flat) shoes, the material of the soles has a lot to do with the comfort level, with rubber being the one that feels best to me. As far as higher heels, up to 3" is generally comfortable for me but I can go up to 4" in some well fitting PGs that have a 1" platform. Platforms can be tricky too, they make me trip. The only ones I can tolerate are some styles of PGs.
As you can see, I don't have a straightforward answer to your question. Shoes can be a very complicated matter

I am with Sterling. A pair of extremely comfortable and stable 1 inch may work, but not sure.

For me, it's the pitch of the heel, the balance in the foot (weight in the heel is best) and the thickness of the heel that matter as much as the height. I'm eating up the return of the block heel, and I find it looks better on my foot and leg, too (double yay). I can still wear a 3 inch heel for awhile, but I like 1.5 to 2 inches best for a balance of looks and comfort. I'm actually trying to give up all but the well designed, supportive flats. I find the little ballet style shoes are a sure recipe for aching feet!