Sorry I've been MIA. I'm still here, we are just incredibly busy this summer, both work (traveling a ton) and personal (getting house ready to sell).

I'm about to clear out my closet to about 30% of what's in there now, to make it look more spacious when we put the house on the market. Not necessarily getting rid of stuff, but packing away.

That said I have gained weight and I still need a Fall refresh. I totally missed NAS this year. I can't go crazy but I'd like to add a few items to update. I just feel lost since I haven't been following YLF.

So please share with me your Fall finds / must-have's -- with bonus points if you think it'll fit me and what you know of my style. Kind of help by being my personal shopper? Because I have zero time to hit the mall right now, so online shopping it is.

Thanks in advance! Have missed you all!!