So starting last night, I have counted my wardrobe items for fall/winter 2014. These are items I currently own and will be worn starting in fall. Some of these items are also worn in summer and cross into the fall/winter months due to changes in styling (i.e. EF drape front dress in fall/winter worn with tights, boots and leather jacket as topper).

There are a couple of these items that are currently too tight to wear but will hopefully fit into by fall. You will also note there are several items in the Probation Pile - that's because I'm no longer sure of the style for me (or if they can be seen as current), quality is starting to fail, or I'm just plain sick of them.

I have included all footwear and handbags in this count as I see these two items as integral to my overall style. I have not included gear, loungewear or items that are for summer (since this is my fall wardrobe I'm examining).

There are a few items like shells and tees I have not included but I'm not going to worry too much about those.


  • a lot more pants than I thought and variety I'm pleased with
  • so few dresses. Dresses used to be a significant part of my style.
  • leather jackets are key for me and I love them
  • I much prefer pullovers and fluid knits to button up shirts. The two white shirts I have are the Probation Pile. Not because I don't love them. But because I haven't worn either one of them even once.
  • until (or hopefully) these items no longer fit, I'm in good shape for fall
  • I can pare down even further and will start with my probationary items
  • my only real want is a pair of boots to replace my Doc Marcies, that I can no longer wear due to the heel height. I will be looking for mid calf, black leather, a bit on the rugged side with a heel no higher than two inches.
Would love your thoughts, analysis, feedback...

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