Well life has handed me a "game changer" that is going to test my resolve regarding limiting shopping/quantities and keeping my wardrobe simpler.

Yesterday my hubby was told by his employer that his hours (and all others in the middle management area) will be reduced significantly effective August 1st as part of a deficit reduction plan. It never ceases to amaze me how the "higher ups" that make the decisions that put these companies into financial distress never look at reducing their own hours/salaries. The reduced income coupled with us still paying my Dad's rent for him, is going to seriously crimp our spending.

I have also re-joined Weight Watchers and hope to be slimming down, which will mean (hopefully) that at some point, my current clothing will become too large.

These two factors mean I need to be very creative with the wardrobe I have. Summer is half over here and I will be fine with what I have for the warm months. I have pretty much finished culling all of my unworn/unwanted items and on the weekend, will start to count and organize my fall wardrobe. My plan going forward is:

1. No more clothing purchases until what I have no longer fits.
2. Once fall is here and in the event I'm successful with my weight loss plan and things begin to look saggy and baggy, I will need to be even more disciplined about what I purchase than I was originally intending.
3. When I do need to purchase something new, I will need to look at sales or eBay. I don't want to compromise on quality or comfort since those are my two main criteria for an item. But I will need to be mindful of the price.

Looks like I have a few challenges ahead of me but I'm up to the challenge

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