In follow up to my first post regarding my search and exploration of simplicity in my wardrobe, in addition to taking stock of what I have for fall/winter currently (which I will be doing over the next few days and will update on in due course) I have made the very conscious and deliberate choice to adopt the one-in-one-out rule immediately.

This will allow me to keep my current closet under control while I begin to sort things out. For example, I have ordered the white eyelet Converse Hi-Ness now that they are half price (thanks Jules!) and will be purging from my closet of the two last pair of black high heeled pumps that kill my feet (keeping the black CK kitten heels as my one pair of black heels) and the cream/black quilted Shellys London flats (they're starting to hurt my bunion) - removing 3/bringing in 1.

I'm also in serious consideration mode of the Anyi Lu Jessie Wedge bootie that I professed love for in this post I have not been able to get these shoes out of my mind and sweet Jenava (or is that "enabling" Jenava - lol!) just messaged me that they are part of NAS and that she could help me purchase them. As part of my one-in-one-out rule, I would purge my chocolate brown heeled Naturalizer booties. I didn't wear them more than 3-4 times last fall/winter as dark brown doesn't really work with my wardrobe anymore. The Jessie booties would work much better with my style now. Still thinking on it...

I'm also going to be completely transparent here and let my Fabber friends know that as of 10 days ago, I rejoined Weight Watchers. I'm a Life Time Member that lost just a little over 70 pounds many years ago and have had 25 creep back on. No excuses. So part of getting my life back together is taking care of myself. I know it works for me. So no more purchasing clothing until what I have for fall/winter doesn't fit any more.

The EF waxed skinnies that I found on eBay new for a song arrived the other day and are absolutely gorgeous. They fit perfectly but are a wee big snugger than I would like. These will be great.

Ok...that's it for now ladies