I wanted to share an amazing pair of booties I just purchased. I have been looking for a fun bootie for a while. I wanted an animal print and tried the Matisse Nugent and a few others in store. The Nugent's didn't work at all, they were just too wobbly and too small across the toes, even in a size up. I did love the unique pattern though. The others I tried didn't have patterns that really stood out.

Enter the Seychelles Lucky Penny. I had it on my birthday list to try but saw it on Amazon for $98 when it was $150 at Nordstrom. There was only one in my size and I pounced. Sales and low inventory with the risk of sellout is one of my shopping weaknesses.

This time it worked out!

These booties are awesome. The pattern is clear and striking. They are very comfortable and fit narrow around the ankle. I might add a gel insole just to make them more walkable for longer distances. Zips on each side are convenient. The heel is perfect. I felt like a million bucks wearing these to a football game yesterday. I couldn't stop looking at my feet. We even walked a couple miles and these went the distance.

If you are looking for a pair of animal booties, check these out!