I can only DREAM of having such clarity regarding my style and needs! This is brilliant Suz and I need to read and re-read it several times. I find it's the marrying of our style desires and our practical living situation that can be the most difficult. But you seem to have bridged that gap beautifully.

This was a fabulous read Suz! You've thought your needs through so well. I know you still have a bit of disconnect between lifestyle needs and how you would love to be able to dress, but I always think you present yourself so perfectly for any and every occasion. I'm loving the sound of the retro touches. 70's glam and 60's are 'made for you' eras. Can't wait to see how 2016 shapes up for you.

Thanks for sharing - these are some of my favourite posts.
Ikwym about that darn lifestyle thingy, it can still trip me up
Can't wait to see where your style goes from here Suz.

Suz, I joined last year at the same time you were ramping up your " pretty" look. One of my favorites of yours (and Angie's) was the black and red blouse. I look forward to seeing more WIWs with pretty in mind.
Even if your lifestyle dictates practical clothing, I still feel like if you have the will, you will find a way to do dressed up.

Spring is coming, which means great fashion is on the horizon for us Canucks!

Thanx for the insights, Suz, is always so educational to read how others think and do, am so looking forward to seeing this new leg in your style journey.