Well it seems to be a recurring theme for 2020 - that I add more than I intended to. I added SIX pieces in September. That is a lot for me. My wardrobe is creeping up to 97 pieces (shoes, bags and all clothes that are not sports gear).

Some of these outfits have been seen before in WIW and some in purchasing decisions.

  • Black Ricochet dress (consignment - NZ designed and made)
  • Brown Selby Court shoes (consigned - NZ designed and made)
  • Black Taylor Pants - new - NZ designed and made
  • Brown Gregory linen pants - consignment - NZ designed and made
  • Orange Trenery dress - new online - Australian company and made in China
  • Black Decjuba jacket - online second hand - Australian company and made in China

I am yet to wear both dresses - the black blazer has been worn three or four times already in September. I did have a need for the black blazer and black pants - the others are not needs in any way. But I liked them all a lot and do think they have longevity for my style. Or am convincing myself that way because I do think there was some stress shopping.

It was a busy month actually with lots of work occasions. I feel exhausted right now - we are fortunate here that COVID-19 is not really in the community, and so life continues almost as normal....but things are very unsettled, and for a business owner, life is hard to plan ahead. So in summary, pretty stressful.

Here are some WIW outfits.

  1. Work - nothing new here but last wear for this dress and boots that are now packed away until next Autumn.
  2. Work - featuring the new to me black blazer and other older pieces
  3. Networking lunch - I am a Chair of a Regional Sports Organisation (recent appointment) and attended a lunch about sports governance.
  4. Meeting friends at a Brew-pub - casual occasion outdoors drinking craft beer (I loved the bright yellow in reality but don't feel it photographs well)
  5. Casual Sunday shopping with 15 year old - this blue shirt is great in spring.
  6. Out to Prizegiving - Rugby dinner with 15 year old's rugby team.
  7. Work - I think I shared this recently so an exact repeat which was good on a hectic morning.
  8. Work - shared this earlier in the week - worn to business lunch hearing from Minister of Finance.
  9. Casual Saturday watching rugby and going shopping - first wear for the season for the linen culottes.
  10. Out for the night - dinner with friends. I had this dress from last season shortened to make it less overwhelming. I love this dress in reality but it never photographs well. I think white sneakers or sandals would have been better than camel boots.
  11. Work training and strategy day off site.
  12. Work - new brown linen pants and pumps. Not a great photo. I can't decide if these are very trendy or a bit fuddy duddy.

It is very transitional in weather at the moment - so layers are helpful. I am definitely into some spring clothes (the blue shirt is specifically a spring piece), some sandals, but still wearing scarves and a coat on occasions. I will be like this for October and later this month put away boots and knitwear and bring out my shorts and floral dres

Thanks for looking and any styling ideas for the new pieces are welcome especially the brown pants and shoes.

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