We had a hot week with some record breaking highs, disappointing because I want so much to wear fall clothes. This week I tried to wear some summer things that have not been worn much this summer in an attempt to figure out why and to wear a few new pieces that are fall wardrobe refreshers but can be worn for hot weather, as I needed to decide whether to keep or return.
Sept. 7: trying Angie's brown and blue formula with new EF "rye" pants ( 4th Find), a new floral pleated sleeveless top and light blue linen EF cardigan ( old, not worn much this season, Find 1). I enjoyed this outfit. I wore the new Ugg grey loafers (find 2) but later changed to my silver pointy toe loafers (find 3),and used a Kate Spade silver satchel bag, plus added a silver and blue bead plus leather statement necklace for the Greek festival. I would repeat.
Sept. 8: I started the day with floral embroderied blue jeans, an EF black tank under a cardi that is a floral pattern with roses in shades of red, black outlines and white background ( old).
Later for a BBQ, I changed into black Paige jeans, the black EF tank, an aqua and black silk scarf/ poncho, turquoise jewelry, black flats with ankle straps and a turquoise leather bag. The silk poncho topper is new and I liked it over the column of black. Will repeat
Sept. 9: Sunday so I wore a dress. This one is sleeveless Aqua. I used a short sleeved aqua cardigan for warmth and modesty for church, turquoise jewelry. Blush/nude ballet flats and the turquoise bag.
Sept. 10: black EF loose silk pants with low crotch, dark olive silk tee, pewter metallic ballet flats, Aqua bag and long turquoise necklace.
Sept. 11: had two women's meetings to attend. New russet EF pants and loose knit assymetrical topper ( poncho-like), silk EF tank in a dark russet color ( old), bronze-gold espadrilles, gold KS tote, cream and russet silk scarf with leaf design, gold hoop earrings and bangle bracelets. I got lots of compliments on this outfit and it was perfect for a hot early fall day. Will repeat.
Sept. 12: New EF russet pants again, this time with new fall refresher mustard top with scattered floral in olive, blue, rust and white. (Like the black floral find but the background is mustard like the next find ). Old EF light olive unlined jacket, gold metallic loafers, gold hoops, gold bag. Comfortable outfit old pieces felt refreshed with the new additions.
Sept. 13: needed something to wear cleaning a classroom, then to a dinner. Wore my floral embroderied jeans with a sheer boho long sleeved blouse, silver flats, KS silver bag, blue and silver earrings. A mix of bead and friendship bracelets. The outfit worked well, looked trendy and was easy to move in.
Sept. 14: eye doctor and errands: mostly older items...EF navy pants and swingy open jacket with RM silk sleeveless blouse with a pink and navy pattern, new Clark Cloudstepper navy wedges, pink pearls, navy tote. Felt just right for my day. This outfit is part of my spring capsule and the navy shoes and bag were a nod to fall because I usually would wear blush shoes and bag.
Musings: my wardrobe works for a variety of situations and I liked my outfits and new items. EF items that I own are the workhorses of spring through early fall. I am happy that I have added a bit more variety in pattern and color for fall. As it gets colder, I will need to address that again. It is my plan to add color and pattern to the cold weather wardrobe because I have so enjoyed it in the summer. I still need to try some more new refreshers such as an EF russet skirt and a flannel shirt and some new high waist jeans with a black leather-like braid down the side seams...out of my comfort zone, nor have any of my major NAS items been worn yet. It is still too warm during the day. Most Items are washed or cleaned after 2 wearings. This has forced me to try my clothing twice, usually with different styling. I see that this is a really good idea for seeing how well both old and new pieces work in the wardrobe.
I am tracking shoes, bags, jewelry, anything I wear, although I don't always report it all here. For example, I wore a swim suit that is not listed, but my swim/ hot tub choices are very slim. I am fine with that. I walked and dog walked in what I wore each day.
Finds will be added later. I did not get photos, sadly. Suggestions and styling ideas would be most appreciated but I know that is hard without photos. I encourage anyone who has not tracked wears to try it. One thinks about outfits more and the general state of the wardrobe.