I'm not online on the weekends much, so here is the second challenge post. Once again, Saturday through Friday.

08 (Sat): Haha, THIS was a fun day! Three outfits, not including nightwear.
(1) I started in a lounge dress (pilled too much to wear away from home) and no-show socks as-slippers because it was raining hard and hence a little chilly.
(2-3) When I had to leave the house, I changed to skinnies, coral button front shirt, waterproof Ecco boots, and the long hoodie. It was not pouring by then, just coming down steadily, with deep puddles. (The flash flooding was elsewhere in the city.)
(4) When I got back, I changed again... looks like I forgot a full outfit photo, but it was shorts and t-shirt. The headshot shows what happens to my hair in humidity! Whee!

09 (Sun):
(5) Wonderfully cool outside, for the first time since May, so as a proud member of Team Wear the new Boden dress made an appearance. Good thing, since the A/C was extra cold both at church and at the restaurant, and exacerbated by the sky-high humidity.
(6) I bundled up when I got home in a sweatshirt dress AND the long hoodie AND socks.
(7) I warmed up within a couple hours and changed into - shorts and t-shirt! Surprise. Another three-outfit day.

* Seriously, I think have an absolute comfort range of about 3 degrees, somewhere in the 70s. Very high humidity, like on this day, makes the range more volatile, since I can go from a cold, clammy feel to a sauna feel very quickly. Wind and sun have an affect as well.

10 (Mon):
(8) Back to work. Sometimes I re-wear my church outfit on Monday; this time I just changed the shoes, but I don't think that particular vintage style looks so good.
(9) For choir rehearsal, the new NAS sweatshirt hoodie tunic, faux leather leggings, and ASOS shoes.

11 (Tues):
(10-11) I now own La Canadienne boots! These were an incredible deal on ebay, pre-owned but in great shape, and a perfect fit. Paired with one of my very favorite dresses, this pink and rosewood floral/leaf print on black knit.
Note: I remember thinking before I left the house that the low v-neckline was too long a line when combined with the high hairstyle. But I don't see that at all in the picture. Interesting!
(12) The week was warming up, so shorts and t-shirt again for an evening at home. I was supposed to get some sewing done, but instead I loafed all evening.

12 (Wed):
(13) It was getting a bit warm, but I wanted to wear the boots again. So I put one of the vintage circle skirts with a new NAS tee. It's one of those outfits I didn't think about after it was on, so it's a winner.
(14) I did get really warm on the way to the car, though. Same ol' loungewear.

13 (Thurs):
(15) A warm day, but not hot, so I seized the chance to wear the red dress again.
(16) For choir rehearsal that evening, a sleeveless floral dress with the long maroon hoodie. That choir room is pretty chilly so I'm glad for this long cozy layer.

14 (Fri):
(17-18) Working Fridays are either Wear Red days, or in the fall Team Colors days. (Both are optional, but fun.) I wore this red sleeveless dress, paired with an ivory drapey-but-belted cardigan, and espadrilles that match perfectly.
(19-20) That evening I had to do a lot of yard work, so I put this together from my "dirty" capsule: stuff that can be sweated in without destroying it and hold up to lots of washing. I was SO sweaty and dirty, but at least it's done!

I dress day-to-day, with minimal preplanning. I keep an eye on the forecast to know if there's a chance of rain, or how hot it will be in the afternoon. I don't like repeating an outfit within the week at work, or consecutively for a weekly event. Other than that, I don't mind repeats at all.

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