A bit late, but here’s the first week.

01 (Sat): Summer uniform #1, jean shorts + t-shirt. Including sandals because I left the house to spend the day with family.

02 (Sun): Another hot Sunday. Flowered knit dress, white Rockport sandals, and flower in my hair because why not. Not pictured: After church, the same shorts and a (different) t-shirt. No shoes!

03 (holiday): Shorts and t-shirt! No shoes. I didn’t even leave the house that day.

04 (Tues): Actually a little cooler, so I wore a Boden dress I got on clearance several months ago. First wearing. Not pictured: After work, I’m sure shorts and t-shirt.

05 (Wed): I LOVE this dress. Very long, full, swooshy skirt. Unfortunately polyester so I don’t wear it when it’s truly hot. Also: I got wise and started snapping a picture of my after-work “lounge wear.” Hah. Shorts and t-shirt, what else?

06 (Thurs): Still a little cooler, so I actually wore pants to work. Drapey pink and gray tee, and cotton moto pants. I also wore the Prairie Underground long hoodie – basically didn’t take it off all day – but I didn’t take a photo with that. This ended up being a stormy afternoon, but I was prepared so I changed to Saltwater sandals and rolled my pants legs for the trek to the car. And thankfully I dried out pretty quickly, so I wore the same outfit to choir rehearsal that night. Actually pretty unusual for me regardless of the weather.

07 (Fri): Not a work day, so shorts and t-shirt time! At least at first. We were expecting lots of rain this weekend but Friday morning and half the afternoon was quite bright and sunny. Until it stopped being so. Flash flooding ahoy! Friday evening I had a special choir rehearsal, so I suited up with waterproof Ecco boots, skinnies, and the same tee and Prairie Underground hoodie as I wore Thursday.

Counts are tricky because I keep changing clothes. This is partly why I chose to do this challenge: September is/can be a transition month, and I can end up using all sorts of things even in the same day. Does it count as a wear if you wear something for less than 4 hours? Not sure. Anyway.

Clearly the winner are the shorts, which were worn 6 days out of 7. A couple t-shirts were repeats; I don’t mind doing that, depending on how long they’re worn and if I get sweaty or not. The pink and gray tee was also worn twice, though not for a full day both times.

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