Well, the first glitch has appeared... tracking in my phone calendar means I should post from my phone as well, a bit limiting.

I tracked outfits and purpose. I am not tracking wears, but looking for patterns, shoe choice, and whatever inspiration pops up.

Saturday was an outlier: helped my daughter move house, a 3 hour drive away. I wore khaki crop chinos and a long sleeve Breton T, with tan sneakers and smartwool footies. I took my white anorak for the morning chill, and a sleeveless linen shirt in case it turned hotter than predicted (it did). I added a red bandanna, which I ended up using to tie back my hair.

Sunday's outfit for church, photo attached. I dreamed it up in July and it was finally cool enough for a jacket. White full skirt, black shell and black blazer, and new-to-me black D'orsay flats. I forgot to snap the cognac straw handbag. High happiness factor.

We went out sailing in the afternoon, so I changed for white short capris, a navy hoodie and my grey deck shoes, plus sunnies and Tilley hat.

Monday: Labour Day, but I had an ER shift. I wore my new black Ecco sneakers for the first time. I didn't even want to change them mid shift. It was still warm, so I wore a full pebble print skirt and fitted black T, and the black blazer. I carry a big black tote, and didn't bother with a purse.

Tuesday I had planned another outing for my white chinos and white Meds, but I just couldn't do it. I wore cognac basketweave slipper flats instead, and mid-day changed into white ballet flats (actually a nursing shoe brand) that live at the office. Navy blazer and navy ditsy print blouse. Navy cross-body bag for the rest of the week.

Wednesday night I was in the ER again so kept it simple. Navy culottes and white-based striped T, with short white cardi over and the white Keds. I think this T worn untucked over the culottes cuts me exactly in half; the shorter cardi redeems it but I won't repeat this combo.

For the next day I brought a blue pinstripe shirt and navy A-line skirt to wear with the Keds. I felt very Lauren Bacall, although I wished I'd brought a bandanna or scarf. I rolled the sleeves to my elbows (the 3/4 sleeve shirt I intended was in the laundry basket) but I liked the nonchalance of this one. I brought some slingback blockheeled navy pumps but chickened out of wearing them.

The Keds worked two days straight but I needed a change for Friday. I started with cognac fisherman sandals, an all-day comfort shoe. I considered my navy flowered crops but ended up going with navy dot long capris that had less wear this summer. To de-girly it I wore an untucked white shirt (sleeves rolled), navy blazer, and equestrian print scarf. I had felt fab in this combo (floral pants version) in Scotland, but today it just felt seasonally confused.

Conclusions: So far, my feet are less fussy than I had dreaded. But my brain is more so. I've been hoping to continue with my summer wardrobe till the weather cools (especially the black and white capsule, since I've mostly worn the navy one), but I just can't do it. I work in a small university town, with my office a block from campus, and I just can't shake that back-to-school feeling. Also, the nights and mornings are cooler, so I need a topper and closed-toe shoes.

My old WIW lists would have told me this. I think a year of tracking will be worthwhile.

Photo #6 is a bonus from last week, inspired by LaPedestrienne on her Oak Island vacation.

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