I've been trying to pull together the data for this challenge. Tracking itself wasn't too much of a challenge for me (aside from tracking lounge wear, which I've never done before). I've been taking daily outfit pictures since March. But I haven't written things up before. This was an exercise is playing with data and trying to analyze conclusions.

I wore a total of 60 items for the entire 30 days. Taking a lead from La Ped, here are the top count-getters:

Over 10 wears:
1. Lauren Conrad jean shorts (17)
2. Prairie Underground long cloak hoodie in nightshade (13)

5 or more wears:
1. Rockport Cobb Hill white sandals (6)
2. Indiana Jones (Last Crusade) t-shirt (5) (no Find)
3. American Eagle jegging skinnies (5) (no Find)
4. ASOS rose gold with silver hearts flats (5)

Then 8 items had 3 wears apiece. The remaining 46 items I only wore once or twice the entire month. This is a good thing for me. I am an emotional dresser, and I crave variety.

Lifestyle. I typically wear 12-13 outfits a week, since I usually change after work and church on Sunday mornings. Casual outfits I care much less how I look to other people; I dress for my own looks and comfort.

I wondered if there were numbers differences between these "public" and "casual" capsules, so I ran some numbers.
- Split between 39 and 34 total items (there was slight overlap).
- There was a handful of repeat leaders (white sandals, long hoodie, shorts, etc.) in both categories.
- 87% (public) and 80% (casual) had only 1 or 2 wears.

Surprisingly, there's very little distinction! I still varied my casual outfits to almost the same degree as my public outfits.

Weather was also a factor.

September is an anything-goes month. The official temps ranged from 95-59. The highest low was 78, the lowest high was 72. So it's all over the map. I freely admit I am a hot-house flower, and the first hint of a chill in fall can make me shiver. But it's also an opportunity to wear outfits that haven't seen the light of day in 4 months. Aaand we also got over 12" of rain, which is 10" over average. That's why I wore the Ecco and La Canadienne boots, plus the Saltwater sandals, quite a bit this month. It was unusually wet!

So what about the items that I did wear a huge amount?

- Denim shorts are a wardrobe essential. They make many outfits, but they are never the focal point. I was without well-fitting jean shorts for a couple years, and felt that hole keenly.

- The hoodie is a bit more nuanced. It was only acquired in August, and I'm on Team Wear, so I tend to deploy new things as soon and as often as possible. That undoubtedly helps skew the figures. However, it's intrinsically a very special piece to me; a HEWI of over seven years' standing. Result? In September the long hoodie was a workhorse. Will it continue to be a workhorse? I can't be sure. I'm sure I will continue to wear it a great deal, weather depending. It is easy to layer over virtually anything, and maintains my signature fit-and-flare silhouette.

For the other items.
1. The Rockport sandals have been summer workhorses. I missed a lot of pictures in August, between traveling and just literally wearing the same thing. With all that, I still show minimum 14 wears that month. In September, weather happened.

2. Indiana Jones shirt. I just... love this shirt. My favorite character, my favorite movie, perfect design, in a comfortable shirt. And I can wear it over any color bra when when I get home and change.

3. American Eagle skinnies. I had these taken in at the waist and they are incredibly comfortable. I wore them once a week, twice on the final week. Jeans are not quite a wardrobe essential, but especially in transitional weather they are very handy to have available.

4. ASOS shoes, rose gold with silver hearts. As my toes are so picky, I'm reaching for the worn-in comfortable options. Again in transition weather, they're what I reach for as a subtle but pretty choice that keeps my toes warm. But I'm so sad that the rose gold is finally starting to flake off. I've been searching Poshmark for a replacement pair but zero luck so far.

It's been a very interesting exercise. I knew I was an emotional dresser, and I knew I liked variety. I did not realize how I managed that, however. I just kind of know what I want to wear, or what I don't want to wear, and go where that mood leads. It's fascinating to see how I do handle that.

I also don't want to assume that what was a workhorse in this particular September will always be one. I remember when it got warm in May, I was wearing those sleeveless knit dresses all the time, both public and casual. Then I switched to the shorts + t-shirt formula and that's been going strong.

I'm also wondering if there's any way to predict those very few items that become true workhorses. I'm already dreading the day the Rockports wear out; I got the last pair on the planet (I think) in my size and width. Or the shorts, which are incredibly comfortable; even when I'm not wearing them all the time, they need to be available.