Some of you might remember that I set myself a list of items to buy this year... I found the last 2 items from my annual shopping list!!!! And more! Still, I am pleased with almost all of those purchases and am comfortable to take a break from shopping until January.

Navy wool dress: 100% Merino wool, the fit and flare shape works well for my body shape and it is so basic that I can either add some trainers and go or jazz it up for an evening date at home (or outside, when the current Co-vid situation has finished!). Got mum's approval too! The heatwave is about to finish this week, I will be able to wear it in the autumn and winter.

Navy dress for spring: it may look like a duplication but this dress will become useful during the spring and summer time. The dress is part of a swap that I made with a friend, really pleased it worked out for both of us!

(preloved) Silk blouse : this will replace a solid black blouse that has become too big for me. The black blouse has been sold and the amount paid for this replacement. Nice circled economy for everybody.

(preloved) Wool sleeveless coat , I am not sure if it is grey or black as I bought it online and have high hopes for this one! I initially wanted to buy a windproof jacket to go under my light coat to extend its use during the cold weather. This is not exactly as planned but I think it should work better as I can layer it as planned and also use it alone. The reason for opting for a sleeveless coat is that a windproof jacket will not have the longevity of the sleeveless coat as

I am planning a lifestyle change in a couple of years' time and can't see myself using the windproof jacket once I will leave the UK. I am also not a fan of the material as it is not easy to recycle. I even considered a sleeveless sheepskin gilet but somehow it didn't feel right.
If someone has a similar coat and can share ideas of outfits, I'd be very grateful!

Including those pieces, my wardrobe is now at 79 items:

  • scarves 6
  • outwear 11
  • dresses 6
  • tops and knitwear 27
  • shoes 15
  • skirts 1
  • trousers 9
  • jumpsuits 4

I can see that the new pieces are quite dark, but I like the idea of having the basics covered, meaning that I will be able to be more experimental with the new purchases next year.

How about you ladies, do you use a shopping list for your wardrobe purchases?

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