These are less-than-stellar purchases I made this year. The green shoes have adequate padding for someone who drives everywhere, but walking just over a mile in them hurt my spine, so they aren’t for me. The sandals are better. I’m on the fence about them. My heels slip off the sides; I’m much more happier wearing other sandals I’ve purchased since, but might wear these sometimes. Both are in pretty new shape.

I’ve just submitted photos of them to Zalandos reselling program, and have been offered about $3 for the green shoes and $10 for the sandals. I paid around 40 for each of them.

Is this the best way to go with resale? I’m not looking to make tons of money with two pairs of shoes, obviously, but it irks me that I couldn’t return the sneakers because in order to find out how poorly they made, I had to wear them, and now the same place is offering me less than 10% what I paid them.

Have you resold shoes? Where, and how did it go?