I will soon face a situation my wardrobe may not be prepared for : a meeting with high-ranking participants. It's time to check if I can compose at least one business formal outfit!
I don't want this outfit to attract particular attention, but I need it to feel great enough to boost my confidence.

I'm not really used to wearing dresses, so I'll go for dress trousers. Black dress trousers more specifically - since my only other pair (navy) need re-hemming and won't be ready by the meeting date.

I'm looking for collective wisdom to help me identify a suitable topper and top and a few accessories.
I added all the envisioned items as Finds, but as of now I cannot experiment outfits since the trousers are at the dry cleaner.

  • The first possible topper is a black blazer. One of my wardrobe workhorses - nice quality, nice fit, very comfortable. I found three candidate tops to be paired with it :
    • A wine red top with a tie / pussy bow. Not the best quality, but it fits well. Do you think the resulting outfit would be too dark? Do you think the tie / pussy bow is suitable?
    • A light blue blouse. Nice quality, but slightly too loose. Maybe too much volume with the wide-legged trousers?
    • An offwhite mock-neck ribbed top. Maybe too high-contrast with the black trousers and topper?
  • The second possible topper is an olive blazer. Another wardrobe workhorse, but of lesser quality than the black one. I would pair it with a black top with a tie / pussy bow to create a column of color. A colored topper may help me feel less "suited", but I'm not sure it would be formal enough.
  • As accessories, I envisioned heritage garnet earrings or black pearl ear studs. Maybe a long gold necklace with the offwhite mock-neck and black blazer - but I'm afraid it would be too much.
  • Outerwear would be a classic beige trench (rather frumpy on the photo, but great in person), and shoes would be my reliable black ankle boots. I won't take a handbag since I'll have my computer bag (or is it a business fashion faux pas?).

Do you think those items would allow me to compose a suitable outfit? All your insight, thoughts, comments and tips are welcome.