I bought a white bag this spring/summer for the first time I can remember, and am loving the color but not the specific bag I chose. It's a hobo, I style I have loved but am getting tired of, really nice soft leather, but it has no structure at all and I'm constantly digging in the bottomless pit to find anything One of those organizer inserts would help a lot, but I'm thinking about getting a different white bag.

I want more of a classic satchel shape, made of a fairly stiff leather, mid size, with handles that either have a 7 or 8" drop (so I can wear it over my shoulder), or handles that have a hinge and fold down so I can use the longer strap provided. I do NOT like carrying bags in my hand or over my forearm, much prefer a shoulder strap or occasionally a cross body. I prefer leather but would consider faux. I'd also like to keep the price quite modest, which rules out some of the mainstream brands unless they are on sale. I want to avoid a boho vibe, because I already have many bags like that and want to get something more polished this time.

I'm getting the impression that the combination of a satchel style with the longer handles is going be difficult to find.

Would love to hear any and all suggestions, and would love to see finds for bags you have like this, to give me some ideas. Thanks!

Find #1 is the hobo bag I have, the other finds are ideas. (RIP Kate Spade )