Hi ladies!! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful few months!
I come to you now with what some people would consider a fun-filled scenario, but which for me represents a situation experienced somewhere between the third and sixth circles of hell. I refer to shoe shopping, which manages to tick pretty much every box on my admittedly limited fashion downsides bingo card. Once I list my criteria, I'm sure you'll soon see what I mean.

I require dressy flats that:
Are available in size 10.5w or 11M (psht)
Look good on a non-dainty foot/ankle (still totally doable)
Look equally good with dresses and pants (I thought you said this was a challenge?)
Have excellent arch support (still don't see the problem)
Can withstand the Canadian climate (hmmm)
Not outrageously priced (ah, I begin to see)
Available directly in Canada free of American exchange rates and duty fees (what do you want next, a unicorn)?

To make matters worse, I am also on the hunt for a pair of taller boots with all of the same criteria, but with the added challenge of fitting a pair of calves that make telephone polls look willowy.

For the moment I would say the dressy flats present the more pressing priority, and it's here I turn to you. I wish very badly that I could snag a pair of the AGL smoking slippers that seem to be serving everyone so well, but the Canadian Nordstrom locations has opted not to carry them. Or most other things, come to that (another rant for another day). If anyone has comparable suggestions to make, I will be eternally grateful and will find a way to make it up to you!

Thanks very much, all!