I only have a few dresses, mostly casual, and I think part of why I don’t wear them much has to do with footwear.

I do wear them with sandals in summer, and the ones with sleeves with booties and tights in cooler seasons. I have sneakers I could wear them with but don’t do it often, not crazy about that look on me for some reason. I have a few dressier shoe options also. I have a few pairs of loafers but they don't look good with a skirt/dress to my eye. I would like a low-ish heel closed toe option that is NOT sandals, booties, sneakers, ballet flats (fall off my feet), or Maryjanes (poison eye). For loafer style shoes I want a vamp that comes up midway on the foot, sort of halfway from the toe cleavage line to the ankle. A long vamp right up to the ankle
tends to make my ankles look thicker than they already are.

The styles that would seem to work are loafers, moccasins, espadrilles,, slip on sneakers. The description would be something line this…Low heel, closed toe, mid-foot vamp, more casual than dressy. Maybe an ankle strap but not a Maryjane strap.

I’ve shown a few inspirational finds below, as well as most of my casual dresses.

Would love to hear any and all suggestions!