I'm looking at my casual spring tops, and finding I have very few that I really like. I'm having some trouble figuring out how to expand the collection, and would like your guidance and suggestions. I want to find
some tops that are more stylish and interesting and also some better   quality as I have a tendency to go for really inexpensive items.

My bottoms are jeans in mid-to dark blue, grey, white...plus chino style pants in olive and one pair of slim black slacks.
My neutrals are black ,white, grey, blue....

#1 and #2 are items I found recently that I really like . The other pics are items I own and do like but they are more plain/basic/casual than where I'd like to go with this. The red polka dots one is actually more orange than it looks.

Here are some descriptions I'm trying to work with.......
Look for: blouses in knits or woven fabrics w/o traditional collars, mid-size and larger prints, brighter/saturated/contrasting colors, (I don't like super bright colors), sweaters in linen, split/open/vneck/scoopneck necklines

Stay away from: tshirts, button downs with collars (even if knit fabric), small prints, light neutrals, cable knits, crewneck styles

Also, I am extremely short waisted so I do not even partially tuck tops in...they need to hit below the waist but not much below the crotch point.

I really appreciate your help, Thanks in advance for any suggestions!