Gorgeous dress! You look lovely.
It's funny that these are the kinds of dresses that it can be easy to overlook when shopping. Yet, a classic style with a bit of a "lift" will be worn for many years, can be dressed up or down, and worn for a range of occasions - it is really a gift. And to have it last so well, too! A fab package.

Suz, this dress fits you beautifully. It certainly has lasted and does not look like it will go out of style.

Thank you all, again!

Angie, two of those Comrags items are all natural fabrics -- the skirt is linen/ cotton (a lovely blend) and the blue and white batik dress is cotton.

The other items I've had from this company have included a poly or nylon or viscose component.

What I like about the company is that they really think hard about what will work best for that item, or what the fabric's properties are before they design -- and there have been times when, if they couldn't find a suitable fabric for one of their "basics" (they make a series of essentials -- a jewel neck black dress, a skirt, a shell, and a cardi) they just stopped making them for a while!

This dress is lovely on you and the Comrags items you have are all great pieces. I like wearing clothes with some synthetic in the mix because usually they don’t require ironing.

That is a great color for you. I’m with you on V necks. I feel very uncomfortable with ones that are too big, and most are.

Thank you-for the update, it seem a gorgeous blend and am taking notes in this regard!! Love your new home, so much light!!!:-)