BrieN posted First Impressions, about when you put something on and don't really like it, but change your mind after awhile and start to like it. Angie chimed in too! Angie's response and her blog post was mostly related to new silhouettes, and warming up to them quickly or slowly.

Several of us on the thread (I was one) said we find the opposite happens much more often...liking something at first and not liking it later. I think we were talking about individual items.

It got me thinking and I've mulled it over for a day trying to figure out why I do this and how to get better at avoiding mistakes. I am so picky I don't make a lot of mistakes, but I've got two from this summer mocking me right now. I've narrowed down some reasons in my case:

1) When we are just a bit into a season and I've been looking at some new things and just not liking them I start to feel a bit of worry that I won't find anything. Then I get too soft on the first few things I find that I do like. Just by comparison I see things as 10s when they are really maybe 7s or 8s. Like I get this feeling that they are the best I'm going to do and they get the benefit of rose colored glasses. In reality I usually find better things later and regret the early decisions, but it's hard to be objective after a run of fails.

2) When I love something right away for some element of it...color or fabric or artistry...but after a few more try ons I get more critical of me in it. Not so much the item itself this time, just body issues surfacing once the love of the item settles down. Or even just reality, not hang-ups...realizing something isn't flattering once I look past the shiny.

3) After wearing, if something turns out to be fussy or less comfortable than was apparent at first. I don't know about this one...sometimes you just can't know this until about an hour or longer into wearing it.

4) Getting tired of something too quickly. Usually I don't get tired of things, but I have noticed that most things I've bought from Anthropologie I am tired of in record time. I've mostly stopped buying from there.

I know one solution for #1 is to take longer to cut the tags. For me, I have to wash something before I can wear it, so I'm usually too eager to get that done and get it in my closet. I think I should be more cautious. But for the others, I welcome any thoughts and suggestions. And if this second or third impression mind switch issue happens to you, I'd love to hear your thoughts on why you think we do this.