I find myself going to Seattle next week, well actually Bainbridge Island to scatter my aunts' ashes. I assume we will experience rain at least once or twice and hopefully not on a boat. California has been in a drought so long I probably won't recognize rain.

Anyway, I won't be in Seattle proper at all and am likely to be overdressed in whatever I wear. My raincoat, similar to the one shown, has a zip out lining and hood. The Uniqlo coat is supposed to be water resistant but I've never tested it. When I went to Chicago one November, I actually layered the red raincoat over the Uniqlo! Will the red coat work?

Oh, and I have a red Eddie Bauer parka which gear and is pretty waterproof. It is jacket length and not terribly warm.

For shoes, I'm hoping I won't have to tromp through mud out in the country (but you never know!), but I'm thinking I should err on the side of not slipping? The clogs could result in a twisted ankle and are the least comfortable of the footwear below.

This won't be a funeral or even really a formal memorial service, but a small gathering of cousins whom I haven't seen in nearly 35 years. I expect to see fleece and plaid, but not black other than my black jeans and footwear.

Also, if anyone has recommendations on where to eat and stay in Ashland. . .but I'll pose that question in Off Topic.