Inspired by the post and responses about the festive party dress codes going on this time of year, a small rant. We are going to have a large family party including five generations, from my 95-year old MIL down to a new great great granddaughter. We really love to, and are completely in favor of, taking many family photos at the dinner which will be the first time in three years so many can get together at once.

One of our nieces is either arranging or taking photos, I guess, because she sent an email asking everyone to wear fall colors for the photos. Humph. Dear MIL rarely goes anywhere, has some new clothing items, but none of them are fall colors. I think she’s really disappointed that she’ll have to choose an old rust and brown tweed jacket, which is nice but she’s had “forever.” I think she wants to wear one of her new tops. If she really had nothing in fall colors, I’d tell the niece that fact, but she does.

Honestly, fall colors aren’t really my thing anyway, plus I had the idea originally to wear a new teal ombré sweater with the puffed sleeves style, but I’ll save it for another day. No response needed. Just commiserate if you can.