Seasonally confused clothes can be perfect - my sons love shorts with a puffer and pool slides for example.

We’ve all seen Instagram or bloggers wearing heels in the snow or snow boots with a mini and bare legs that can seem madness.

But in a temperate climate it can extend your options and actually be comfortable to wear different combinations.

What do you wear that is seasonally confused?

I do wear the following:

- jeans and sandals and a sleeveless top. I like this look but I do find jeans very hot in summer.
- boots with bare legs - this is often very comfortable for me. Definitely I would not have done this 20 years ago though.
- any colour combo in any season. I wear black in summer, terracotta in spring and white in winter. I do have three long sleeve blouses that I tend to wear seasonally but that is all( the green and blue in summer or spring and the black in autumn or winter).

I don’t wear:
- sneakers with sleeveless dresses or tops. I love this look but my feet get hot so quickly that it is really uncomfortable for me.
- shorts with sweaters or jackets - I keep shorts to the hottest of days because they are not my favourite!
- winter textured fabrics in summer - velvet, wool etc feel cosy in winter to me and I try to keep them to that season.

How about you? What works for your climate or are the seasons so different there is little crossover.