I LOVE the look of white jeans so last year I started my search for a pair of white straight or skinny jeans and never found a pair but did pick up a pair of white flairs that Angie recommended. (Full disclosure, I never wore them because they are not for my daily life, just for going out and I couldn't decide which shoes to wear with them so I never had them hemmed.) This year I was determined to find them but I've tried on so many pairs over last the few months my head has been spinning while my frustration has been growing. I thought I finally found a pair but today, after analyzing the fit for days, I realized white straight and skinny jeans just don't work for me. So I'm giving up my search.

Here's why, in addition to being a pear with large thighs, my calves measure 14 1/4" and 14 1/2" AND I have large knees that measure 15". The only way I can describe my knees is to say they have fat on the inside that makes them bulge out. I figured out that it's my knees that are causing most of my fit problems. Every pair of straight or skinny jeans bunches at my knees. I do have the problem with blue and black denim but the darker color masks the problem a bit so I can get away with it or at least I think I can. It just looks horrible to my eye in white. Sizing up doesn't work because the jeans just get too big in places they cannot be altered and they still bunch at my knees. I did pick up a pair of kick crops from Gap, that I've worn a few times but after catching a glimpse of myself in store mirror I don't think I should wear them anymore. Plus, getting the length of crops right has me in a tizzy. I'm wasting way too much time and making no progress. It just shouldn't be this hard, so I'm giving up on white jeans.

FYI, the Kut Cameron's and Chrissy fit great on a pear.