Scarfs are one of my fav accessories, and I wear them maybe 3/4 of the time...I have never counted!....I would estimate at over 50 easily?

I love a scarf as a 3rd piece, to keep warm in the winter and in indoor fluctuating temp... I like a lightweight linen, cotton or viscose for summer to keep heat off my shoulders when traveling.

many of my scarfs are colorful, as I often wear dark or black clothing and it adds a nice bit of color next to my skin. Many are all shades of blue! Most are patterned or textured to add another element to an outfit.

I might be inspired to count and photograph them....hmmm.... it would be a good rainy day quarantine project!

Sal, there is a lovely video in youtube with 25 ways to tie a scarf, I hope it is ok to share the link

I found it very helpful and inspirational!

I have a lot of scarves. This last winter I surprised myself and hardly wore any. The previous winters I wore one every day.
Most of my Spring/Summer scarves I don’t wear very often because they are patterned and my tops are also patterned and they don’t work well together.
But, like jewelry, I find that a scarf can go unworn for years and then be the perfect piece to complete an outfit. So I keep them.

Rebekah - I like a patterned scarf too and they do provide such a fun addition in the gloomy months.

Thanks Minaminu - I will check that out. I can do with help as I can feel a bit messy sometimes in a scarf.

Barbara Diane - I agree that keeping scarves is usually a good idea. I can remember one I passed on a couple of years ago that I miss. I have a couple that I really like but don't have the right tops to wear them with. Their time will come!!

Sal, I bet that the lower one in #1, the upper one in #2 and the lower one in #6 look especially lovely with your colouring.

I own lots of scarves and shawls in various colours, patterns and materials. And I WEAR THEM! Well, in the warmest weeks of summer, I might not wear them so much, but most of the year I am rarely without a scarf or shawl at least part of the day. They add warmth, comfort, texture, colour, interest and variety to my outfits.

I edit my wardrobe each season, and if some scarves/shawls get worn out, or if I have lost my fascination for some, these will be purged. And those that don't look or feel suitable for the new season (like breezy pastel ones in fall/winter and dark velvet ones in spring/summer) will be stored for other seasons.

It would be very hard for me to choose just three, so I will make it four (all in some of my signature colours):
● Oblong silk scarf in cobalt blue with white polkadots
● Oblong silk scarf in a fantasy pattern of grey shades
● Large gauzy, wrinkly white scarf which, in summer, also serves as a shawl
● Soft blue baby-wool crochet shawl which, in winter, will also serve as an outdoor scarf. Handmade by my mother and shown here:

The Cat - you have picked the most flattering ones - you have a real eye for colour. The lower one in two is quite old and I don't have the right outfit to wear it with right now. I hold on to it though in hope!!

I can imagine your four favourites on you - the one made by your Mum is particularly special and absolutely the right colour for you.

I love scarves too, and have probably 50 or more ranging from light and airy cotton, to vibrant silks. I love to add them to an outfit as a finishing touch. I have found several books over the years on how to tie scarves - I would suggest looking on Amazon for one.
I often have trouble deciding how to wear a scarf in the summer though. It is too hot to have one around your neck (I live in Houston), and the inverted triangle hanging in the front sometimes makes me feel that I am adding bulk to my bust area. Anyone have additional ides on ways to wear scarves in summer?

Thanks Leigh Anne - I rarely wear scarves in summer except for a small silk one occasionally. A large light one can be used to shield shoulders from the sun- that can look good.

I don’t do the inverted triangle - it doesn’t feel right on me either.

@Leigh Anne- long narrow ones tied round hat or hair or as a belt, little ones tied to bag handle or wrist, big thin triangles or square folded as triangle as a hip scarf.