While going through what can stay or go from closet, I am reviewing my tops and find I hold onto several dressy T's and simikar flat knit tops like rayon I have some that tuck and drape the way I like for wearing as- is, and they do fit under jsckets, but even that little extra fabric may tend to bunch under a jacket , maybe not lying as smoothly across the chest or getting dragged at the neckline. The tops that are a tad closer fitting look better under the Blazers but aren't my faves anymore for fluid fit. They would not be unseemly if jacket came off, though.
When I found myself being sure to have some " interview" or " presentation" outfits at the ready, I feel I may need to keep some of these tops even thought I wish I could pare down more.

I do think I can go through " capsules" and reduce further to just a few best, but using Mo's famous system, or someone, it might still be, warm weather dark neutral, , light, color; cold weather dark, light, etc.
it's partly because the " sharper" outfits have more precisely fitting jackets at shouldef and armhole- sleeve and so don't tolerate as much bunching, and yet I don't want tight thin tops, so there's a fine line.
A similar example is saving some sleeveless shells, even though I don't do sleeveless, because for some jacket looks I would never take off the jacket.
I guess this sounds picky, but my examples are for oufits you'd like to be close to " 10" and yet may need several due to what works best in different season and occasion.
Do you have a lot of tops just for jackets or shop very carefully for the HEWI that works both ways?