I have been sorting through my overly large collection of shoes trying to hone it down from 100 to 80. The number is arbitrary, and if I'm not successful, that ok, so far I've only eliminated 6 pairs. One thing I'm checking for is fit. If my shoes pinch or bind, I have been tossing them, however, there is a method for stretching the toe box and if shoes are made of real leather it works. I know someone once asked about this on the forum, so I am posting this because I have now used it several times with much success.

Check out this You Tube video by Michelle Phan for the best explanation. Or Google stretching your shoes using ice.


I'm not sure this link will work so I will also outline the procedure.
1. Fill two zip lock sandwich bags 1/4 full with water.
2. Stuff them into the tight shoe toe boxes
3. Freeze the shoe until the water has frozen and expanded.
4. Let the shoes sit at room temperature for 20 minutes to thaw enough for the ice bags to be easily removes.
5. Dry the inside of your shoes to remove any moisture.

They should have stretched. If they need more you can repeat the procedure.

I have found that I can make shoes that were a little tight in the toes, or that were snug over the arch of my foot fit perfectly!

Hope it works for you also!