I really like the Eccos and it sounds like, between those and the Breezes, you'll definitely have a good casual sandal option.

And I'm totally joining the enabling re: the Emmas. And I completely relate about enjoying summer shoes way more than winter ones. There's just so much more variety in color and style and so much less need to wear boringly functional things.

Good choice on the sandals Suz.. Where did you find the Ecco's locally.. I might hunt those up for myself as well.

Suz... I LOVE Ecco 's. These Damara's look great. Check out the prices in CDN $$ from quarkshoes.com. They often have sales as well. VERY cheap... free shipping etc..

Quarks's has a really good selection of Ecco's. Great company to deal with.

I bought this pair of Ecco's for a fantastic price and I love them. SO SO comfy !

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Thanks for all the enabling, all! I am still mulling but will probably pull the trigger.

Sheila, thank you -- those look nice. And I will check the link.

Rubygirl, I went to my local Becker shoes (it's a comfort shoe store, mostly). They also have an online shop. https://www.beckershoes.com/shop/

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is surprised to learn that summer shoes are even more important than winter ones in this climate. What a weird recognition!

Well, I mean more important from a FASHION standpoint. I guess frozen feet would be worse than hot sore feet.

Good choices and I hope they all work out including the pink heels! I predict they will be a surprise workhorse.

For comfort you probably can't go wrong with Eccos if they fit your feet. I love the pink for wearing with your berry colors.

Thank you Suz, I am going to check out our local store here at the mall on the weekend. Thanks again!

I ordered the last pair of sized down Eccos in silver from Zappos. They fit perfectly.

Love the Eileen Fisher Sport sandal! Great choices.

Yay, Shedev!! You got them! So glad that worked for you. Isn't it weird??

I still haven't figured out when or whether mine will come...the local store was supposed to call me but did not. Grrrr.

Suz, can't wait to see you in all of your new clothes and shoes...what a great variety you've picked up!!

Shoes can be such an important piece of a hot weather outfit, maybe because they are more noticeable with bare legs