Thanks for all your help with the sandals recently!

Just to let you all know (because I know you can't possibly go into your weekend without knowing how my summer feet are going to fare, LOL) here is what I've done so far.

1. I ordered the Sofft Breeze with Karie's help. That will probably work out, and if it doesn't, Nordstrom's is great about returns.

2. From my local shop, I have checked into the possibility of getting the Ecco sandal below in silver. They have it only in taupe and blue and I don't want it in those colours. It's not clear they can get it into stock, but if not, I can order online from Canada.

It's incredibly comfortable a size down from one's usual size. I only tried it in that size by chance. I am almost always a 37 in Ecco but 36 is what they had on the floor so I put it on (not knowing). 36 fit. The sales associate was jumping up and down in joy. She had tried the 38 (her normal size) and it hadn't looked right but she did not know why. She tried the 37 and it fit perfectly. Her foot, by the way, was much higher volume than mine.

I think it looks a lot like the Eileen Fisher sandal. An interpretation of sporty luxe that could really work well with shorts in summer.

Another foot discovery. I had my width measured because I thought perhaps my feet were widening a bit. But surprisingly (to me) I clock in on the very slightly narrow side of average (with super narrow heel) and smack dab between a 6.5 and a 7 in length (where I knew I was).

So perhaps it is no surprise that the Clarks Gladiators are a no go for me. The straps are way too loose and the whole shoe is just a mis-fit. I tried it today. I have had this issue in the past with Clarks.

Oh, and in other news, should I order those Azalea Emmas? Come on, enable me....they could be my "bright colour" summer "sandal." Couldn't they?