So, as you may have noticed, I am starting my spring shop! (I tend to shop in four bursts a year. Once or twice for spring/ summer, and once or twice for fall/ winter. This year I'm going to have to do a fair bit of replacing/ upgrading because a number of items are worn out.)

It is something like -8 here today, so it feels a bit nutty, but I'm currently on the hunt for sandals.

On my list are white sandals. I have been looking for white sandals for years. This is probably my biggest HEWI. I know they were "out of style" for a while, but I have always loved the look of the right white sandal. This year there are options in the US, but here in Canada the pickings are still slim. What do you think of these, available to me online at the Bay? I should note that the Camper probably wouldn't fit me -- they don't give me a good fit as a rule. Topshop is very reasonably priced and on sale today. Frye is of course much pricier.

I am also considering a strappy dark sandal. I had a pair of black sandal booties last year (shown below in Finds) which were great in terms of their block heel and coverage for cool summer, but they felt too "heavy" for me. In summer, I delight in throwing off my dark footwear (which I'm confined to for much of the winter); having said that, sometimes to balance an outfit I do want a little bit of dark. I think a open sandal might have a better effect on me, and if I want a covered sandal bootie, a lighter coloured neutral would be better.

Anyway, for strappy dark sandal, I'm looking at these two. The Sofft has the advantage of being a known quantity to me; I've had sandals from this company for years running and loved them and literally wore them into the ground. The low wedge is not as dressy but could have crossover from casual to dressy since it is patent.

I'm also looking at silver or gold for the Ralph Lauren cage and could consider going with one of those for dressier wear.

Is it my imagination or are there fewer bright coloured sandals this year? Or maybe that is just in Canada. We seem to have cognac, taupe, black, a little bit of white (not much) and metallic. I was thinking I also wanted a bright, but it may be tough to find.

For comparison, I'm also showing a few of the sandals already in my closet. The Franco Sarto gladiators in taupe are relatively new and in good shape; they will be my daily wear casual sandal. I'll also wear the relatively new Seychelles cognac quite a lot. The silver Eccos are for sportier wear, beach type stuff. The Vince Camuto cage heels (mine are actually a bit different -- they are taupe with snakeskin strap) I tend to wear on city days. The high heel is stable and comfortable but just a bit too much for my daily wear with shorts.

The black Steve Madden mules and the Sofft breeze are basically worn out -- I am upgrading those. I also have a few pairs of Okalas, but they are dressy shoes for me.

Would love your thoughts! Thank you!