So that I don’t further hijack Christina Fs post, I will start a new one. This is the belt I have used for maybe 15 months. I injured my back 30+ years ago as a truck loader (night job in college). It was diagnosed as a sacroiliac sprain. It has dogged me for years, flaring up with sometimes no explanation. I have particular problems with sitting for long periods, or classic cross country skiing (skate skiing is fine).

My Pilates instructor did a little test one day where she gently compressed my hip bones when my back was flared up, and it gave me some relief. She then suggested this type of belt.

Unlike some of the traditional elastic back braces that I have used which support the abdomen, using an SI belt does not weaken any muscles. It seems to just mechanically give a bit of space to an area of the SI joint that can compress and cause pain. I don’t have a medical background, so can’t explain the exact process or when this is indicated. But a non-invasive, fairly inexpensive item was worth a try, and I have had really good results.

It hasn’t fixed my back, but it protects it in some circumstance that typically cause big flare ups. I hope this info helps any YLFers who have similar issues.

This link describes the one I use shown in the find below. They seem to run somewhat larger than the size description on the amazon find