Sal’s post about a black blazer to rule them all found me slightly regretting having returned a reasonable contender.

It was a faux double breasted Anne Klein blazer with a gold buttons. It is a bit fitted, which can be challenging on my blocky shape. The fabric does have a bit if stretch, which helps. I put on a few pounds this fall and wasn’t sure I’d be happy with the medium, but I couldn’t find a large for comparison.

Well, lo and behold, they were restocked today and I have both sizes at home now for comparison.

I’d like to be able to wear it casually and with heavier sweaters under it. The large definitely feels more relaxed, and more comfortable across the shoulder.

I would prefer if the blazer had pockets and was washable, but for the price think I’m prepared to do overlook these factors. I am tempted to start with this so I can start to play with the look, and then worry about adding another blazer down the road if needed or wanted.

Also shown here are a pair of Blondo lace up boots that fall into a similar category. The might not be 100% the boot to rule them all, but they do have the higher shaft I wanted and they are a reasonably good fit. I might not walk eight hours in them but I am sure I could wear them all day in the office or for outings that involve a moderate amount of walking.

Again, they are made more acceptable by a very reasonable price tag. Less risk if they don’t work. I could spend twice as much and have no higher guarantee of success. Haven’t cut the tags yet though.

My summer wardrobe veered sharply away from black, but I am not sure I will be able to do away with it entirely for winter.

I think these pieces would help me put together office outfits and be prepared for the odd dressier occasion.

1 and 2 are the Blondo boots.
3 medium blazer from the front
4 medium blazer showcasing my back view challenges.
5 is the back view of the large. The fit iof these and most jeans is why I like long cardigans.
6 is the larger blazer front view. Just thrown over what I wore today.

I am working on shedding the extra pounds and might wait a few weeks to see if the fit changes. What does the hive think? Is the large too much? Are the boots modern enough? I am a terrible judge.

These might not rule them all, but I wonder if they might be able to hold down the for for a while?

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