Oh oh . Look at those navy suede boots . I don’t even wear navy and now I want to . Off to check them out .

Haha, LJP, it seems Russell and Bromley is available in Canada but I think maybe a FAKE R&B or maybe last year's models or 2 years' ago models at heavily discounted prices -- I can't find those particular boots, which may be a good thing. https://russellbromleycanada.com/

But I did find some fun metallic ones....for a mere $93. https://www.russellbromleycana.....a-boots-gr

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I think so too, Suz.

Lisa, you are too funny. Good luck to both of you on the boot hunt!

The metallic boots Suz found sounds fun -- but the photo opens up teensy, so it's bit hard to get the full impression.

Blazer and boots both look great!

Late to the party, but I love both the boots and jacket! I am another who would rather spend less because I'm never sure whether the item will prove its worth until I have worn it for a while. I like either size from the photos so I say go with the one that feels right for you. Maybe try it with various layers underneath to make sure?

Thanks, Suntiger and Robin! I'm still playing with both jacket sizes as I have a bit of time before I have to commit.

Carol, you look fabulous in this outfit. I would go with the medium jacket and the boots are going to be incredibly useful, comfy and stylish.

Thanks, Bijou! I am working my way up to cutting the tags….