No flares for me, thank you. Fringe - yes, on a pair of shoes, or maybe hanging from a sweater, or skirt.. Ruffles - only in very small amounts. My hair is wavy so it provides the flounce, but I don't mind a peplum either.

Nice to see how there are strong opinions from everyone on how to adopt or pass up these trends

I'm all in! I have a ruffled blouse (it's plaid!), bow blouse, flared jeans, fringe purse, and a pattern to make myself a pretty, flouncy dress with cutouts in the back

I love your Smythe outfit.

I like neck-tie blouses. And peplum on others (not tried one yet).

Greg must be in heaven. If I remember correctly what I read in the archives, ruffles spark joy for him

This is good to hear! Subtle ruffles and flounces, and bows in things like sash ties and on the toes of flats, feel so natural to me that I barely even notice them as design details as such, and I never stopped wearing them. Although a few things I had with that kind of lettuce-edge ruffle trim that was on cardigans and stuff a few years ago, and a dressy bag with a big decorative bow, started looking dated to me a while back and I got rid of them. I think ruffles especially work well on me because they echo my hair and my general feminine but slightly disheveled look.

I wouldn't mind a pair of flares if they're more on the bootcut end of the continuum, but it's not a huge priority. I definitely wore flares like that last time they were in, and they balance my hips nicely. Fringe? I like it on scarves, and could see myself maybe liking it as a detail on something else if it's subtle and not too '70s-looking.

. . . .well, maybe I could flounce, a little. LOL

There seems to be something for everyone within the context of these style details. I really loved the modern architectual ruffles in your post yesterday. All of a sudden, variations on the 70's look seem modern and retro at the same time. You are right. Our eye will adjust.

I'm thinking I need to eat a word or two. If ties are bows... I did order this blouse from NAS....
Tie/bow... check
Mild ruffly peplum... check. (this is as far as I'll go in this regard!)

How do you make a slightly embarrassed emoticon?

When this trends startwd showing I loved it and was looking for items that would have these details. However when Angie explained the various ways this could be seen I realized that I had a lot of them already in my closet.
I guess these details appeal to me and I never really let go of them.
Team pretty here I am
Angie, those outfits are beautiful .

Even though it's unlikely I'll be wearing any of these trends, along with plaid (thanks, 12 years of Catholic school uniforms!), they do celebrate the feminine spirit, and I will look forward to seeing them on others. Should be a pretty fall!

Yay! I'm doing an internal happy dance; perhaps now I can wear my beloved styles without fear of twee-ness. The only one of these that isn't thoroughly represented in my closet is the flares & a couple of my wide legged trousers are flare-like enough for me.