I've already got some tucked- in looks ready for waist definition, but still like to have some untucked top options. Usually these would either be shorter, boxy ( for skirts) of longer, fluid fit knits for pants.
I have usually eschewed ruched- placket shirts because they just didn't look right on me. Too wrinkly in woven, too tight, too ? Youthful or something, and ruching was distracting.

Recently I came across some print ruched front tops in a drapey poly( poly could be s problem, but less for F/ W).
I was first drawn in because of an olive-y color in the print, for my olive capsule. I assumed the ruching would not work. But, the dark print makes it less obvious while the ruching, along with kind of sizing up, gives a kind of drapey waist definition in a shirt that looks appropriate untucked.

It may be kind of retro -- does this sound sort of back to the 70's, or 80's maybe? but I think I will give it a whirl.