I’ve been thinking of trying the Ripskirt that has been a hot topic here recently. I’ve been studying the sizing info on the Ripskirt web site, Amazon, and postings here by Janet, and Suz plus Angie's original fab find posting. (Did I miss any others fabbers who modeled it for us?)

I think I know what size to order, but the length is the question. 

Length2 is around 19-20” long, called “short”, with a straight hem, which would hit me at the knee. This would be a good length for me; I find showing most of my legs in a skirt or dress is proportionally very balanced given how short I am. It might in fact be a tiny bit shorter than I’d prefer.

Length3  is 10-12" longer, “midi”, with a curved hem. I looked at photos of Janet (5’8”?) and Suz (5’4”?), and from where the hem hits on them I’m extrapolating that it would be ankle length on (5’1”) me. it looks like the model is Janet's height or a bit taller, which makes sense, models tend to be in that height range.  I’m not a huge fan of that length on me although for a lightweight summer skirt it could be ok. 

I like the style of Length3  better than Length2. The curved hem is much prettier,  less classic/preppy, a little sexier, than the straight hem on Length2, but Length3 looks too long for me.  

Here is what I’m thinking of doing:

  • Order a Length2 and a Length3, see how I like them on. 
  • If Length3 seems too long as I expect, I could possibly shorten it. The mechanics could be simple (I do have sewing skills) but keeping that curved shape just right could be a bit tricky. I’d probably have to make a paper pattern….
  • I could try making one myself, a similar pattern is probably available, but I don’t expect it would be easy to find a similar fabric. I get the impression the Ripskirt company has put a lot of time and effort into creating that fabric. 
Wold love to hear any other ideas or suggestions. Thanks!