I have worn these Born pumps a few times, but less than I thought. They do "work for work" but not for full-on regular days. But they're more comfortable than my few dressier pumps.

They are not the same as the "on trend" newer pump iterations--they have that distinctive Born up-toe look, and there are even nuances in the newer block heels--but I still think they might be revivable for some smart casual and casual evening looks. They look more "right" with pants, such as tapered pants, joggers and rolled cuff pants than with skirts, so that is probably how I would use them, to get that bit of different, dressier look you get by wearing a bit of heel with ankle/vamp-baring pants than you do with flats.

What do you think--revive, or look for a newer version? I might do both, ha--meaning, since there's a revival of the style, one option is to see if there is an even more comfortable pair.