Hi, everybody. Sorry I've been quiet. I am dealing with some unpleasant chest cold or something that's finally starting to turn a corner.

With all the talk about tweed jackets for spring, I remembered how a few years ago I tried one on at the NAS sale, and posted here about it.

I remember not being convinced...the fit wasn't quite perfect (and the piece I was looking at wasn't on sale...not necessarily a dealbreaker if I'm completely sold on it, but I wasn't). And I was not sure--I felt there was some fuddy-duddy factor, and didn't like the cut of the shoulders on this particular piece.

I wonder if I should give this jacket category another try. Comments were very positive, and Angie was extremely encouraging.

Where should I start? I would want a less boxy, softer cut. And remember, if you look up "busty apple" in the dictionary, you see my picture, LOL.

Mwah! xoxoxo