Jumping on the mid-year review bandwagon:

My goals for 2019 that I set in January:
1. Stick to my palette; no new colors until I am able to create an appropriate supporting act for them
Check! I haven't added any new colors but, my goodness, I have a crapl0ad of green pieces in my closet...

2. Wear the things! And keep track of outfits that work so I have go-to's when rushed
Oooh, big fail here. I keep reaching for the same 5 or 6 pieces every week - this could be weather/activity related (see #3).... I would love to have a few outfits on deck for upcoming client meetings and should really spend time doing a few outfit labs.

3. Figure out my outfit formula for summer
Sort of?? OK, not really... It has been rainy and cold since March with only a handful of warm days, so I've been unable (and uninspired) to roadtest any outfit ideas. Plus, my kids are playing baseball and soccer this season, which has meant that I am wearing mostly gear when I'm not home. The fields are a muddy, mucky mess, but the good news is that I haven't found any holes in my gear capsule.

4. Work on two capsules: travel and dressy
This is a work in progress. I would love some diversity in my travel capsule which consists mostly of joggers+tees+sneakers+ball caps. I certainly have the pieces needed to change it up, I just need to figure out and document those looks.

My dressy capsule is a mess. It consists mostly of silk/satin tops and skirts that feel too 'shiny' when worn together. My knit tops are casual, but maybe some accessories would jazz them up enough to make outfits with the skirts. I have only one pair of dress pants, and it doesn't go with any of my dressy tops. This may explain why I feel like I have nothing to wear for cold weather special events... I have 2 dresses that I need to figure out toppers and accessories for. I have pieces, I just need to dust off my jewelry box and play with some looks. This may require another outfit lab.

5. Get dressed, including shoes and accessories, when WFH
Check! My most recent contract ended early this month, but I was able to add rings, makeup, and shoes daily. I am excited to get back to it again soon.