Since Angie's post "How to Build Your Wardrobe's Colour Palette" the topic of color has been on my mind.

Cutting right to the chase -- I created two charts as a way of organizing my thoughts on color: neutrals and accent colors. Go ahead call me analytical. No I didn't count each piece in my wardrobe. So I may actually have a few more colors than listed.

Aha -- I own so many different colors. It is clear: I love to shop, have a lot of space, and shop emotionally. So I have every color in my wardrobe, especially neutrals. However, I don't have a high tolerance for mixing colors. So I must edit the number of colors I have in my closet. Both neutrals and accent colors.

Let's start with neutrals (Picture 1). When I started this exercise, I *thought* I looked best in these neutrals:

Navy - olive - cream - camel - oatmeal

But, after looking through 2015 pictures, I started to realize that I don’t look that great in navy either. My realization: I look best in lighter colors. And when the color is warmer, it is better on me. Although, a cool light color (pale gray) is better than a dark warm color (burgundy) on me.

Now what do I do? I have a closet full of black and navy and gray. Do I chuck it all?

As for accent colors (picture 2). The colors that I think look good on me are:

Teal - Cobalt - Kelly green - Coral - Bright Pink

I think the first three colors work because they pull out my eye color which is kind of a blue-gray-green color. Coral is my happy summer color and I've heard, universally flattering. Bright pink is another happy color but I don’t have much in this color. All five of these colors are shades that I have received comments from people about, to the effect of, you look good in that color. Without knowing it I used these comments as a cheap way to “get my colors done” LOL.

I am attaching pictures to give you an idea of my color journey. And to add some more interest to this thread.

Pic 3 -- Head to toe olive (Rick Owens pieces in a shade called "Dark Dust")

Pic 4 -- Navy turtleneck. Just OK I think, but not as bad as black.

Pic 5 -- Black and gray. Two not great colors on me. Although the blue/gray colored top might be rescued. How am I going to give up all of my black bottoms? I think they elongate and slim me. (My weight is up right now due to it being December, so this is weighing on me. Ha ha.)

Pic 6 -- Pale gray. Yes it's cool but better than the darker grays.

Pic 7 -- Cobalt and olive. Yes to these colors I think.

Pic 8 -- Camel. Does it mitigate the harsh black bottoms?

Pic 9 -- Oatmeal

If you have read this far -- thank you! I didn't put many accent colors in here because I couldn't find enough pictures. I think I need help paring down all of the neutrals. Where would you start? Ditch all of the unflattering colors? Including icon pieces like the black moto?

And -- should I go ahead and just get the colors done? Someone from Canada once mentioned a woman who does it on line.

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