We arrived home from Florida a week ago. Our original plan was to spend 2 months in Florida and one week in New York City. We ended up not going to New York City.

Long explanation as to why and you may want to skip.
Sophie (our dog) was injured while playing in the backyard with another dog. She completely tore her left rear knee ligament. Her back hip is in pain. We went to the vet. Xrays, exam, etc. Surgery was one option but didn't make sense in Florida.
Everyone in Florida was wonderful. The vet was wonderful, people at the Yoga studio were so caring and the woman I rent the house from said we could stay longer if we wanted.
Mr. Style Fan built some steps for Sophie to get in and out of our Rav4. She would not use a ramp. Too steep. Landlady's friend lent Mr SF tools. So nice. Our friend is bringing some of our luggage home so we could have more room for Sophie to lie down.
It was quite the trip home.
After talking to our vet here we decided against the surgery and are going with the rehab option.
Now Sophie is set up to go to physiotherapy in a few weeks and will be getting a brace for her leg.

Also, I had a sinus infection and spent a week in bed. Not fun.

Review of Travel Capsule


Some Things Do Not Get Worn and That is Okay
Some of the pieces I took did not get worn. It is so hard to predict the weather in St. Augustine. I have made peace with the fact that some pieces are not going to get worn. Also, I did not expect to get sick.

I missed our annual get together with Mr SF's brother and soon to be wife. They stay with us for 3 days and we go out for dinner, etc. I stayed in bed. For that event, I would have worn my swirly skirt but instead, I wore my PJs.

I also missed our landlady's art opening. I was looking forward to that one. It was at the Yoga Studio. I would have worn the swirly skirt again. Mr. SF and our friend went.

Count Happiness Factor not Number of Wears
I wore my Jesse Kamm pants twice. Once for Valentine's Day and once for a lunch with an old school friend (and wife) of Mr SF. I wore a long sleeve ivory T (Caslon) and Sarah Pacini Sweater. For footwear, I wore mustard Finn Comfort sandals. Sometimes I wonder if I am wearing the Kamm pants enough to justify the price I paid for them but I feel happy in them and that is what matters. They belong in my suitcase.

I bought two T-shirts and a pair of pants (see finds). I wore the T-shirts and pants quite a bit and am very happy with those purchases.

Bonus Picture
We went to Jacksonville, St. John's Town Centre (Outdoor Shopping Centre) for the day. It is a very pet-friendly shopping centre. There are lots of shady places to sit and water bowls for dogs. Some of the stores allow dogs to come in.
Mr SF and I look matchy matchy.

I am wearing
Cream Three Dots T-Shirt
Camo Sanctuary Pants
Finn Comfort Sandals

Mr SF is wearing
Camo sunhat (I wanted him to give it to me but he refused)
Olive shirt
Black T-Shirt
Khaki Shorts
Keen sneakers

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