I enjoyed Angie's post on stripes, so thought I would offer my experience with some striped tops from Nordstrom.

1--blue & white striped linen top. The colors are perfect for "my" type of blue--a mix of white, medium blue and navy--so is a bit murky and not harsh, more denim-y. BUT it did not fit quite right, a bit tight through the bust and didn't think I could size up, and to me it felt itchy--not as good as some other linen knits I've had. So went back.

2--pink on navy. Size was too small and seemed like would still be a bit "long but tailored" fit (too fitted through the bust and body) and neck would be too wide is size up. But I did like the feel of the knit. Next.

3--An Angie pick in an interesting olive-brown, and I did not realize some of the stripes were pink! A very soft squishy knit with some loft to it. I had to make myself send it back because the length and hip fit did not work for me. It's not short and boxy enough to sit well on top of high waists, and not long enough to be hip-length. It does not have a welt (which is good; they don't work for me) but it does seem to go in a bit at the bottom so it just rides up on me--the kind of thing that looks good when you've got it adjusted but won't work IRL. I wished this had worked.

4-cashmere-silk knit in yummy cherry-berry color and wavy stripes--so not really in the classic stripe effect category. short and boxy but longer in back. Not for summer at all. I have no earthly reason to keep this but I love it for dreary winter days, now will not be in workwear but will be dressing for fall and winter at home or for "cold spring" when cheerier colors are calling. Can layer over white tank, T or thermal . It is extremely soft and non-itchy, but I agree with one reviewer that it may turn out not to be durable, as has some open pointelle weave to it--could be my big mistake.
Most people would think "white pants" but I will likely start with black highwaist wide pants and crops which I have, and even fleece, for winter, then jeans if I ever find the right style, white sneakers,

So there you go.