After inspiration from the recent closet reviews and clothing counts by
other YLF members, I tried on ALL of my jeans and casual pants last
night to analyze what I will keep for fall/winter and what will move
on. A glass of wine helped motivate me for the task.

I wasn't too pleased I had duplicated 2 pair of jeans that I don't love
(so that's 4 pair of nearly the same jean, slightly different washes
that I'm putting in the hold bin). I was distracted last year with
another business and I think I forgot I had already ordered the same
jeans. Those are mostly feeling tight right now.

I don't know why I have trouble styling light colored pants like the
cream BR jeans. I've worn them only a few times and feel a bit odd in
them for some strange reason. They seem very comfortable on, but maybe
it's what I'm pairing them with that isn't working to my eye. I have
purchased some new tops that may work better with them so I should try
to do an outfit lab post I guess.

I decided the burgundy Dres are going back. I just don't love them on me and they would require alteration in length.

Which of course meant I just *had* to find a potential replacement. I
ordered 2 more pair of jeans from AE (one being a deep berry) - every
pair of AE jeans I have in my closet I still love! It's a fit/fabric
combination for me. These were on deep discount so I ended up getting
them for $15 with the other pair. I can't create a Find for some reason
so here's a link. I sized up per reviewer's suggestions.

My inventory now includes:
White Jeans with silver brocade type pattern (only wear on occasion but
thinking they'd look good with the new silver Ecco sandals)
BR Cream Jeans in (boyfriend fit) - rarely wear but I'm going to try again this year

BR Black Ponte Pants (only wear on occasion)
AE Crop Jeans in light wash, no real distressing (slightly slouchy)
AE Straight Jeans in light wash, no real distressing x 2 (slightly slouchy)
AE Artist Crop Jeans (last year's model) dark wash with some whiskering, fading (skinny fit)
AE Tomgirl Pant in Twill in Khaki (a lovely golden Khaki in a boyfriend fit)
AE Tomgirl Pant in Twill in Olive (boyfriend fit)
Big Star Skinny Jeans in Deep Olive (skinny fit)
Big Star Jeans in Dark Wash 2 variations (skinny fit)
AG Crop Jeans with embroidered hem (slouchy fit)
Levis in light wash, no real distressing (a few years old)
KUT Jeans in dark wash, some whiskering, boyfriend fit (heavy weight/winter only)

15 total pairs of pants (so far)

I may pass on the BR Cream jeans if I don't wear them this year.
and I may be adding the AE burgundy jeans and a dark wash cropped pair as well

Since I wear jeans/casual pants every day from late fall to early
spring I need a fairly large assortment but I need to be mindful of
wearing them all instead of picking just a few favorites as I tend to

Sorry for such a long post - maybe it will help others planning their own fall/winter pants.